Spring D4 Add/Drop Deadline

Spring D4 Add/Drop Deadline

by Kayla Hernandez -
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For those of you that are currently attending the Spring D4 term that started on Monday, March 2nd, we wanted to send you a quick reminder of the Add/drop and Withdraw policy:

  • Any requested to be added/dropped or withdrawn from your courses must come from your student email.
  • Last day to add/drop a class without being financially responsible will be tomorrow, March 5th, by 2:59 pm CST.
  • If you request to be dropped from your courses between Thursday, March 5th and Sunday, March 8th you will receive a W on your transcripts and be 50% financially responsible for the course.
  • Any class withdraws between Sunday, March 8th and Sunday, April 12th the student will be 100% financially responsible and will receive a W in the course.
  • Any request to be dropped from a course after April 12th will require that students complete a Petition for Late Withdrawal otherwise you will receive an F in the course.

As a reminder, failure to login to your course(s) by the add/drop deadline (Thursday at 2:59 pm CST) will result in automatic withdrawal. Students who do not log in during this period forfeit their rights to be reinstated into their course(s). If you have extenuating circumstances that you have worked out with your professor, please inform your Student Services Coordinator immediately so you are not removed from your course.

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions or concerns. Thank you!