May 11th Registration Opening Soon

May 11th Registration Opening Soon

by Kayla Hernandez -
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Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy Please be advised auto-registration for the May 11th session will begin in early April.

If you need to take a break, or make any changes to your course plan, now is the time to reach out to your Student Service Coordinator.

Students will be notified via their student email account once their auto-registration has been completed. We ask that you please do not attempt to self-register for any courses to avoid any errors in your advised course plan. It is recommended that you provide your Student Service Coordinator written notice least 2 weeks before a session to request any changes.

 As a reminder, for students currently attending courses and paying out of pocket, your balance was due last week. In order to ensure there is no delay in your enrollment, please check your MyBenU to confirm that you do not have any holds and reach out to the Student Accounts Office via email ( for any questions or concerns.

 We're here to support you, so please let us know how we can best assist you meeting your goal Stay safe! Thank you!